Water softener with an automatic regeneration SMK 560

Cabinet water treatments serve to soften the water to reach the value of 6 German grades, which is the ideal value for water used in the brewing process. If it is necessary to treat the water for a steam generator use, the water is adjusted to 2-3 German degrees. The water is treated by ionex Resinex K8 and tablet regeneration salt.


Flow0,5 - 9 m3/hour
Connection dimension3/4“ - 1“ external thread
Power input2 VA
Voltage230 V
Volume of the brite tank60-280 l
  • Control valve RX-65B-DVS
  • Made completely out of plastic
  • Fully automatic
  • Postponed + sanitary regeneration
  • Possibility of „cutting“ of the treated water
  • Mixing valve
  • Easy assembly
  • Low running cost


The size and the exact type of a water softener will be designed according to the individual chemical analysis of the incoming water and the required performance paramters.

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