Are you interested in a complete turnkey mini-brewery?

The following is a basic division of a technology offered by M.B.S. according to the purpose of their use as restaurant or industrial breweries.

For each of the following options, there is a model example of a given brewery type, including an exemplary placement in the proposed building.

Please choose from the following options which brewery would suit you best.

Prumyslova Sestinadobova
Sestava Restauracni Pivovar TRm

Restaurant breweries

300 - 5000 hl

Sestava 3 Nadobovy Pivovar TRm

Three-vessel industrial

500 - 11 000 hl

Sestava 6 Nadobovy Pivovar TRm

Six-vessel industrial

1000 - 50 000 hl

Sestava Craft Start TRm

Craft-Start mini-brewery

300 - 3000 hl

Sestava Beer Spa TRm

Beer Spa mini-brewery

300 - 3000 hl

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