Dechlorination – AU 30 Activated carbon filter

Fully automatic dual-filter with activated carbon filter bed is used for water filtration as well as for  removing most of the organic compounds and some inorganic substances (such as chlorine, pesticides, heavy metals, etc.) from the water. It also removes unpleasant odors from the water and improves the taste of the treated water.

The underllying layer is made of siliceous sand.

The device consists of control valve and a pressure vessel which is made of polyethylene and reinforced by fiberglass.

By rinsing the filter bed periodically, the accumulated substances are washed and the filter bed is operable again. The only running cost is the water used for rinsing.

All filter operations take place automatically. Regeneration must be done manually.



To install an automatic dechlorination filter, you would need:
water supplyoverpressure 1,5-6 bar
maximum water temperature 40°C
water flow required for regenerationaccording to the exact type
drains leading to sewage systems of a sufficient absorption capacityaccording to the table
electrical connection230 V / 50 Hz
power input5 W
ambient temperature from 1 to 40 ° C

The size and the exact type of a water dechlorination will be designed according to the individual chemical analysis of the incoming water and the required performance parameters.


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