Sankeg 25 automat

Sanitation and filling device Sankeg25 automat is capable of sanitating up to 25 KEG barells in one hour. In the case of sanitating and filling its maximal performance is up to 15 KEG per hour.

The device is controlled by a PLC – it is possible to individually change the time of each cycle. Inserting of kegs is manual, removing of kegs after finalizing of filling cycle is manual. The computer opens and closes all valves, switches on the pump and controls a temperature of the sanitizing solution automatically as well. The machine is equipped with an integrated reservoir for the alcalic sanitizing solution.

Average delivery time of  Sankeg 25 is 4-6weeks.

The device operates in the following cycles:

  1. An emptying the keg
  2. A depressurization the keg
  3. Flushing the keg with cold water
  4. Flushing the keg with sanitizing solution
  5. Flushing the keg with hot water
  6. Steam sterilization of inside of the keg (requires external source of steam)
  7. Filling the keg with carbon dioxide gas
  8. Filling the keg with beer

Cycles 1 to 7 are carried out automatically, then an operator has to handle the keg and starts to run the cycle 8.
Sterilized compressed air is needed for flushing inner space of the keg, which can contain of the rest of water or sanitizing solutions.

We recommend to use an external hot steam-generator as optional accessories to ensuring perfect sterilization of the inner walls of the barrels and shorter cleaning and sanitation cycle.



Height1 900 mm
Width880 mm
Length1 100 mm
Weight145 kg
Heating2 x 2,2 kW
El. power of pump0,37 kW
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