Ice water tanks

Ice water tanks are insulated block vessels designed to store and cool the monopropylene glycol solution (food-safe). The solution inside the Ice Water Tank is cooled by the cooling unit VLV, which power is dimensioned according to Ice Water Tank (ZLV) volume (the cooling unit VLV is not included in the ZLV).

For ZLV tanks with volume up to 4000 liters are used copper spiral coils immersed inside the solution. The homogenization of the temperature inside the tank and the prevention of freezing of the spiral is done by the circulating pump.

For ZLV tanks with volume more then 4 000 liters, the plate heat exchangers with pumps are used instead of the copper spirals.

The correct volume of the ZLV and the power of the VLV cooling unit must be consulted with the technical representative of the M.B.S. Mini Brewery System s.r.o.

The anti-freeze solution is not included in the ZLV. We recommend that you deal with a food-grade liquid according to your options

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