Non-pressure heat-insulated  treated cold water tank ZUPV is made of stainless steel AISI 304 and is designed to collect treated water, cool the water and its subsequent  use for the cooling of the mash. The heated water from the wort cooler then goes into the hot water tank NHV.

Water is cooled by the spiral exchanger inside the ZUPV in which the glycol ice water  circulate from the ice water tank ZLV (ZLV tank is not included in this component). The ZUPV tank is also fitted with a Willo circulating pump, which is used to homogenize the water temperature in a vessel with very low power consumption. For measurement and automation purposes, the container is fitted with a PT100 temperature probe and a pair of MAVE level sensors.

The electrical switchboard can be mounted directly on the tank or can be placed on any wall in the brewery building after installation.

The ZUPV tank also includes a pump with an expansion vessel and Presscontrol pressure switch.

Parameters: parameters can be customized
Total volumemin. 6 100 l
Diameter with insulationindividually according to the customer's needs
Weightindividually according to the customer's needs
Heightindividually according to the customer's needs
Oval manhole340*420 mm
Inlet and outlet armatureDN 25
Vacuum armature - check valveDN 25
OverflowDN 25
Sewerage draining fittingDN 32
Insulation50mm plasticized cotton wool
The insulation surface: ground sheet metalAISI 304
Stainless steel heating spiral3 kW
Circulating pump Willo40W
Offered accessories:
Electrical switchboard
     Main switch380V 25A
     Heating element circuit breaker380V 16A
     Heating contactor380V 16A
     Digital regulator -15 -135°C Dixel XR20D
     NTC sensor
     Regulator circuit breaker230V 4A
     Motor starter230V 1,5-4A
Water pump EBARACD 0,9KW
     Expansion vessel60 l
Pump pressure switchPresscontrol SK13


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