Three vessels brewing set in an industrial design

Fully stainless steel brewing set kit in an industrial design.  The brewing set is the heart of each brewery. It creates limits of maximal production of every brewery. The brewing set kit includes a mash kettle, a filter tank and a swirl tank. All of the brewing set kits are able to cook from the classic ingredients as well as from the concentrates. The mashing on our brewing set can be made in both, the infusion as well as the decoction way.

The three vessels brewing set and its piping is design to perform the whole process of cooking only with one pump, which is included in the kit. At individual request, second pump can be added to the equipment.

All the brewing set kits are made in the M.B.S. Mini Brewery System s.r.o. company.

Brewing set V5PN

Boiling equipment V10PN

Boiling equipment V15PN

Boiling equipment V20PN

Boiling equipment V30PN

Boiling equipment V40PN

Boiling equipment V50PN

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