Sanitation unit CIP100

The sanitation unit CIP100 consists of two containers with volume of 2×100 liters. The containers are used to store an acidic or alkaline solution for disinfection and sterilization of the brewery. The CIP100 with regulated flow heater is mounted on a solid construction and fitted with handling wheels with locking. The device is made of material of class 1.4301. The CIP100 is recommended for sanitation of beer tanks up to 4000 liters. Average delivery time 6-8 weeks.

Width1 400 mm
Height1 550 mm
Depth800 mm
Weight143 kg
NaOH container100 l
H2SO4 container100 l
Flow heater with heating element2 x 2000 W
Neutralizing vessel53 l
Distribution pipeDN32; DN40
Sanitation pipeDN20
PumpEbara CD 90/10
Electrical switchboardstainless steel
Sensor of temperature NTC
Digital regulatorDixell
Connecting cable5m
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