Sanitation unit CIP

The sanitation unit CIP serves for sanitation and sterilization of containers and pipes of brewery. The principle of the CIP unit operation consists of circulating the alkaline or acidic solution through a pipeline into a sanitizing shower that scatters the solution into the vessel. The essential part of the sanitation unit CIP is a flow heater with digital temperature control. Under the containers, there is a mixing vessel used to neutralize the solutions prior to their discharge.

The sanitation units are manufactured by M.B.S. Mini Brewery System s.r.o.

Sanitation unit CIP500

3×500 liters

Sanitation unit CIP50

2×50 liters

Sanitation unit CIP100

2×100 liters

Sanitation unit CIP200

2×200 liters

Sanitation unit CIP1000

3×1000 liters

Sanitation unit CIP50-3

3×50 liters

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