Microfiltration MF10

MF10 microfiltration is designed to filter beer and thereby extend its product life.

The microfiltration is composed of filtration tubes in which are located two types of special polypropylene microfiltration candles with a permeable surface at the microfiltration level of 2.4 (6pcs) and 0.45 microns.

The entire microfilter is stored on a stainless steel frame made of material of class 1.4301


The special polypropylene microfilter meets all requirements for food production in the EU (1935/2004 / EC) and USA (CFR Title 21)

Number of candles: 11
of which: sanitation 2
2.4um 6
0.45 μm 3
Connection duct DN40
Ventilation valve DN40
Max. flow: 1 000 l/hour
Width: 1 400 mm
Height: 1 600 mm
Depth: 800 mm
Weight: 150 kg
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