Diatomite filter KNF5 is placed on a rigid frame provided with castor wheels for easy relocation. It is used in beer filtration using of alluvial filter (diatomaceous earth) to the vertical filter candles.  The filter is fitted with a metering pump which supplies the filter with diatomite at regular doses, which ensures a continuous throughput of the filter candles. For visual inspection of filtered beer and filter components, are the most important sites of  filtration fitted with sight glasses. The container for the filter candles is constructed using pressure PN10 flanges for easy removal.


The benefits of diatomite filter KNF5 are

  • high filtration efficiency
  • easy filter maintenance in terms of sanitation
  • a large number of filter cartridges provide high capacity power
  • filter mobility
  • simple operation
Inlet/Outlet flapsDN40 (1.4301)
Flap of the waste pipeDN50 (1.4301)
Sampling valvesDN10 (1.4301)
Safety valves 6 barDN20 (1.4301)
Pressure gauge 0-10 barDN10 (1.4301)
Stainless steel pump Ebara CD (1.4301)
Dosing pump HB (1.4301)
Filter candle MBS - 30 pcs
- Diamenter 30 mm
- filter grid 60/80 micron
- material: stainless steel AISI 316
Теchnical specifications:
Filtration area - basic: 5 m²
Filtration area - after silting-up:6 m²
Capacity of filter body:270l
Capacity of diatomite: 70l
Maximum operating temperature: 80°C
Minimum operating temperature:0°C
Quantity of diatomite: 35kg
Volumetric power output- beer 25-40 hl/hour
Parameters: :
Height 2850mm
Lenght 1550mm
Used material :
stainless steel 1.4301 AISI 316
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