HopGun 25

Cylindrical vessel situated on three legs with wheels, for a cold way of hopping. HopGun melts granulated or dried hops in a finished beer. It does not raise the bitterness of the beer and it support the hop aroma. Effective leaching with uniform and definable aromatization reduces the consumption of hops. The equipment is very simple to use and could be easily integrated into existing lager department.



  • Highlighting the hop aroma in the finished beer
  • Sensitive and careful disolution of hop pellets (type 45 and 90) or a dried hopsin the cold beer
  • Optimal extraction and benefits of essential oils into finished beer
  • Determined time of extraction
  • Without heating and stirrer
  • Excellent separation of extracted substance – don´t cause problems during filtration
Height770 mm
Diameter204 mm
Real volume26 l
Useful volume25 l
Weight42 kg
Special permeable filtration candle from stainless steel.
Simple sanitation when connected to CIP station.


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