Design double vessel brewing set – stainless steel

The brewing set in stainless steel design are the pride of every modern restaurant (beerhouse) with own brewery. The brewing set is the heart of each brewery. It creates limits of maximal production of every brewery. The brewing set kit, even though it’s called “double vessel”, includes a mash kettle, a filter tank and a swirl tank. All of the brewing set kits are able to brew from the classic ingredients as well as from the concentrates, in both, the infusion as well as the decoction way. We offer brewing sets from the size of 300 litres up to 3 000 litres of finished beer per one brew. Brewing sets up to the size of 1000 litres (included) are made as a “doublevessel” equipment where the filter tank is situated above the swirl tank (whirpool) in one cylinder.

All the boiling equipments are made in the M.B.S. Mini Brewery System s.r.o. company.

Brewing set V3IN

Brewing set V4IN

Brewing set V6IN

Brewing set V10IN

Brewing set V12IN

Brewing set V15IN

Brewing set V20IN

Brewing set V30IN

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