Yeasts regeneration tank RGK320 is used for storage and cleaning of brewer’s yeast. The RGK320 is connected to the ice water distribution network and it is cooled down by duplex jacketing with 12mm clearance. The efficient capacity of this tank is 320 l. The upper part of the tank is provided with a non-pressurized manhole (max 0,5bar) for checking and sanitation. The RGK320 is equipped with a temperature sensor, which is connected to a thermostat (dixell), and with an electromagnetic valve at the place of ice water input. Furthermore, the RGK 320 is also equipped with a manometer, a safety valve and a control valve for washing water supply.

Due to the size and weight of the RGK320, the tank is seated on three stationary legs. It is also possible to produce the RGK320 as a pressure tank with a maximum pressure of up to 3 bar.

The average production time is 6-7 weeks.

Height1 850 mm
Width800 mm
Weight130 kg
Total tank capacity142 l
Efficient tank capacity320 l
Duplex jacketing capacity12 l
Isolation, polyurethane foam40mm
Input of CO2DN20
Bottom outlet - manholeDN50
Product bottom inlet/outletDN25
Aeration candleoptional


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