CKT80 is a cylindro-conical tank with a working capacity of 8 000 liters. It is a cylindrical vessel with a conical bottom of 60 ° that is mounted on 4 adjustable legs. The tank is designed for the primary and final fermentation of beer or other beverages. The tank is made of stainless steel AISI304 (1.4301). Welds of the inner tank are brushed to Ra = 0.8. The outer sheathing of the container is all-welded. The cylindro-conical tank can be produced in several variants, always tailored to the needs of a customer. The tank can be non-pressurized with a maximum working pressure of 0.5 bar or certified according to PED 2014/68/EU with a maximum operating pressure of 3 bar. For the Russian Federation, the tank can be certified according to GOST-R


Pressure design options: A: 3 bar

B: 0,5 bar

Manhole placing options: A: At the top bottom

B: At the side of the container

C: Both

Standart fitting: (AISI304)
Elliptical manhole340*420 mm
Sanitary rotating shower
Level indicator DN 20
Underpressure/overpressureDN 20
2x draining and filling valveDN 40
Duplex jacketing of the coneclearance 12 mm
Duplex jacketing of the cyllinderclearance 12 mm
Insulation: polyurethaneclearance 50 mm
Insulation surfacesheet metal, welded
Sampling valveDN 10
Blind flangeDN 40, 3 pcs
Upstrean armatureDN 32
     bunging apparatus submerged in transparent container
     pressure gauge DN60
     ball valve for pressure regulation DN15
Standart elekctrical accessories:
Solenoid valve for ice water regulation230V 50 HZ
Temperature sensorNTC
ThermostatDixel XR 20D
Total height5 150 mm
Diameter (including insulation)1 900 mm
Total volume9 100 l
Usable volume8 000 l
Weight1 200 kg

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