Bolted two-stage heat exchanger designed for cooling wort from 98°C to 7°C using 15°C and 1°C water. Wort cooler is positioned and attached to a stainless steel panel on which are placed operating and control elements of the cooler. Wort aeration -O2 is also a part of the complete system.
Temperature sensors allow precise adjustment of the media flow, control elements are used for switching functions of cooler system for manual or automatic operation.

Temperature measurement: Temperature of water at the inlet
Temperature of water at the outlet to hot water tank
Temperature of ice water at the outlet
Temperature of the wort

Technical specification1 stage2 stage
Number of plates7474
Number of plates in 1. st-36
Number of plates in 2. st-38
Inlet temperature of beer in 1. st90°C 90°C
Outlet temperature of beer in 1. st7°C25°C
Inlet temperature of cold water1-2°C15°C
Outlet temperature of cold water80-85°C65-70°C
Inlet temperature of beer in 2. st-25°C
Outlet temperature of beer in 2. st-7°C
Inlet temperature of ice water-0-1°C
Outlet temperature of ice water-3-5°C
Aeration stoneAISI304AISI304
Manometer0 - 4 bar0 - 4 bar
Thermometer Dixell XT11S3 pc4 pc
Thermo reservoir + sensor3 pc4 pc
Elektromagnetic valve for aeration DN10DN10
Regulative valve of cold water flowDN25DN25
Inlet of wortDN40DN40
Outlet of wortDN40DN40
Inlet of cold water1"1"
Outlet of cold water1"1"
Inlet of ice water  -1"
Outlet of ice water -1"
A - 1 200 mm
B - 600 mm
C - 280 mm
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